Sonido Polifonico Label from Sheffield who have released 'The Disappointed Chair' album, and James G's solo album 'Donkey Jukebox'.
Pickled Egg Records UK-label who have put out almost all of the Big Eyes releases
Early Winter Recordings Big Eyes micro-label run by their captain James Green
Jonathon Whiskey Records UK label who released the split single with Empress
Volkoren / The Pet Series Dutch label who put out a Big Eyes song on Pet Series #3 compilation
Popnews French label who put out a Big Eyes song on Popnews Vol#2 compilation
Singing Knives Sheffield, UK label/gig-promoters very much in a DIY/new folk direction
Rusted Rail Irish label who put out 'Donkeysongs'
Static Caravan UK label who have released 'Folk Songs II'
Karate Body Records US label who released 'Family Favourites'
Domino Records Label who released 'Folk Songs'
Home Assembly Music Label from Saltaire, West Yorkshire who have released the 'Oh!' album